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Multimedial FinderApp for Goethes Faust.

The project is the first attempt to use our 3 year knowledge from the FinderApp WiTTFind for a new Edition project: Goethes Faust I and II. The second aim of this project is, to realize it with masterstudents within one semester in the Mastercourse "Vom Buch zur FinderApp".

To our FinderApp GoetheFind: 

Compared to our FinderApp WittFind we implement Multimediacomponents, which enable the user not only the display of the hits in the facsimile, but also watch the according scene from a video recorded drama or listen to audiorecording.

GoetheFind uses ideas from "Standoff-Markups" and is based on a reduced "XML-TEI-P5 anchor-key" Edition. Metainformations, like Editions-, OCR- und Transkription-informations are stored in a "NoSQL-mongo"-database Goethe-DB. Storing meta information in a database avoids "overtagged"-XML. With the help of our fullform Goethe Faust lexicon GoetheLEX, which includes historical writing variations, automatic sentence and textstructuring, Part of Speech Tagging and local grammars we can offer the users computational linguistic and fine-grained search phrases to our Finder.

To our Tutorial (presented at: "Digital Humanities Conference" Leipzig, 2016) : (hier klicken)

To our Poster (presented at: "Digital Humanities Conference" Leipzig, 2016): (hier klicken)


Support from Lehre@LMU:

GoetheFind was developed from masterstudents from the CIS and Phonetik und sprachliche Kommunikation within the Mastercourse  "Informationsverarbeitung I". Their succesfull research work was excellented from Lehre@LMU as promising "student-research-project" and nine students got the money to visit and present their work at the "Digital Humanities Conference" in Leipzig.