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Edition of Wittgenstein’s writings in the Wiener Ausgabe: New Concepts to Record, Archive, Edit, Disseminate and Study Written Cultural Heritance.


This project is a cooperation between the Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (CIS) at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München  and the Wittgenstein Project at Cambridge University, England.

Wittgenstein’s work is one, if not the most complex text corpus imaginable, without parallel among 20th century writers. Methods and tools to record and archive Wittgenstein’s work into electronic text data with a long shelf life and tools to edit, study and disseminate his work will therefore be applicable to almost any other text corpus past or present.
  This project is developing electronic apparatuses for the edition of Wittgenstein’s writings in the WIENER AUSGABE, which include rich computational linguistics and search functionalities, based on local grammars, customised lexicons and symmetrical index structures. This project will provide a powerful new research paradigm to the digital humanist.

The Research group is directed by Maximilian Hadersbeck (CIS) and Michael Nedo (Clare Hall, Cambridge). Other participants include  Daniel Bruder (CIS)  and Pascal Zambito (CIS).