Current Topics in Natural Language Processing (WS 2022-2023)


Deep Learning is an interesting new branch of machine learning where neural networks consisting of multiple layers have shown new generalization capabilities. The seminar will look at advances in both general deep learning approaches, and at the specific case of Neural Machine Translation (NMT). NMT is a new paradigm in data-driven machine translation. In Neural Machine Translation, the entire translation process is posed as an end-to-end supervised classification problem, where the training data is pairs of sentences and the full sequence to sequence task is handled in one model.

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There is a Munich interest group for Deep Learning, which has an associated mailing list, the paper announcements are sent out on this list. See the link here.


Alexander Fraser

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CIS, LMU Munich

Hinrich Sch├╝tze

CIS, LMU Munich


Thursdays 14:45 (s.t.), location ZOOM ONLINE

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New attendees are welcome. Read the paper and bring a paper or electronic copy with you, you will need to refer to it during the discussion.

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Date Paper Links Discussion Leader
December 1st, 2022 Jason Wei, Xuezhi Wang et al. (2022). Chain-of-Thought Prompting Elicits Reasoning in Large Language Models. NeurIPS. paper Viktor Hangya
January 26th, 2023 Long Ouyang, Jeff Wu, et al. (2022). Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback. arXiv paper
Yoav Goldberg's blog
Sophie Henning

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