Take-aways from the comments

Author: Hinrich Schuetze

The focus of these take aways is feedback that is complementary to Jonathan Kummerfeld's summary of the ACL Reviewing Survey Results.


AC = area chair = AE = action editor = metareviewer

SAC = senior area chair = SAE = senior action editor

Main pain points

Apart from OpenReview (see below), if we take number and lengths of comments as an indicator of what the main points are then I would come up with this list:


Many authors and reviewers were new to OpenReview, so some of the general unhappiness should probably be contributed to the pain of having to learn a new system. But there are many issues with OpenReview that would improve ARR a lot if they could be fixed:

Actionable items


On many issues, there is no consensus in the community, so it seems unavoidable that not everybody will be happy with whichever alternative ends up being selected.